Fads and trends come and go, while simplicity will always remain the ultimate sophistication.

Founded by renowned living-foodist and holistic health expert, Karyn Calabrese – who is the embodiment of her teachings as an ageless, elegantly energetic 68-year-old – Karyn’s exists to rejuvenate the way people approach achieving and maintaining timeless health, well-being and clarity, by celebrating the purity of nature’s original design in food and the human mind and body.

Since the opening of Karyn’s Fresh Corner in 1995, Karyn’s has been dedicated to facilitating natural, yet refined, core self-improvement.  Over the past two decades, the Karyn’s dining experiences have grown to include Karyn’s Raw Bistro, one the first restaurants in the United States to feature entirely raw cuisine, and Karyn’s Cooked, the dining establishment that features conscious comfort foods in Chicago.

The Karyn’s brand also includes an intimate, yet sweeping, day spa (Karyn’s Inner Beauty Center and O2 Day Spa), an extensive learning center (headlined by a 28-day cleanse program), a cookbook, an uncook book and all-natural retail lines spanning wellness supplements, cosmetics and raw cuisine.

No matter your stage on life’s journey, no matter what drives you or what you seek, Karyn’s lives as a resource to guide, inspire and reawaken the most wholesome, empowered, best possible you.