Far Infrared Sauna Treatment

Far infrared Sauna
Far Infrared (FIR) saunas duplicate the healthy FIR frequencies produced by the sun. In the sauna, there is nothing between you and these powerful frequencies, allowing them to penetrate the body, increasing blood and lymph flow as well as oxygen flow. Less intense than typical sauna heat, the FIR sauna allows the body to comfortably detoxify your organs of harmful toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, trans-fats and radiation. FIR Sauna Therapy is reported to aid in weight loss (excess weight is often a byproduct of chemical toxicity), improve the cardiovascular system, acne, eczema and psoriasis, while providing deep relaxation, stress relief and energy.

Free Cayenne infused shot with every sauna to help speed up your body’s heating process for optimal results.

30 Minutes
Cost: $30

Package of 5 $25 each

Package of 10 $20 each