Swedish Massage  
Oil is applied to the skin with stroking and kneading techniques used to decongest muscles and assist blood flow and oxygen to sore or stressed areas of the body. This application is designed to achieve relaxation and homeostasis, releasing chronic patterns of muscular tension. Duration varies.

Cost: $50 for 30 minutes, $85 for 1 hour

Deep Tissue Massage
This type of massage is designed to target knots and release tension in the muscles. This type of massage will greatly improve blood flow

Cost: $55 for 30 minutes, $90 for 1 hour

Thai Massage
Thai massage serves as a combination of massage and assisted stretching. Our therapist will manipulate your body and apply gentle pressure to your muscles where needed. After your session you will feel relaxed and able to feel the effects of this service for days.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing as this service is performed fully clothed.

Cost: $55 for 30 minutes, $90 for 1 hour

Hot Stone Massage
Hot tone Massage is a massage technique that uses heated stones to relax and soothe sore muscles. The stones can be used for their heat alone, or as massage tools used in combination with essential oil. The rocks re generally used because of their heat retention properties, and are usually heated using hot water. The smooth, rounded stones are then placed along various points on the body to open up energy channels and promote circulation.

Cost: $55 for 30 minutes, $90 for 1 hour