Meals at home

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Karyn’s Restaurant is Temporarily Closed and

will re-open soon at our  new location

1717 N. Ashland, Chicago, Illinois 60622  

Stay tuned!!!

How It Works

Choose from our Raw, Cooked, or Cooked Gluten-Free Vegan* Menu Options

  1. Pick Your Plan – determine if you want Raw, Cooked, Gluten Free or a combination
  2. Customize Your Meal – select the food items from each category
  3. Place Your Order – fill out the information to order and pay for your meal

New & Improved Pick-up Service

Local Pickup Schedule

  • Place Your Order by Monday at noon:  Ready for pick-up on Wednesday at noon
  • Place Your Order by Wednesday at noon:  Ready for pick-up on Friday at noon
  • Place Your Order by Friday at noon:  Ready for pick-up on Sunday at noon
  • Note:  We are closed on Mondays

We can hold your box of food for two (2) days after the scheduled local pick-up day after which we have to discard due to space limitations.

Delivery is available for an extra charge, price is based on mileage. To arrange delivery and confirm the delivery fee please call:312-255-1590

Pickups are at 1901 N. Halsted, Chicago, 60614.
No cancellations or refunds will be issued  24 hours after your order has been placed. 

*We consider our food “Vegan”, but we do use honey in some food items.

Legend: R (raw), C (cooked), CGF (cooked gluten-free), RGF (raw gluten-free)