Will I lose weight on this program?
Eliminating meat and dairy from your diet in conjunction with exercise and detoxification can be key components to weight loss and better health. Karyn’s at Home is designed for the convenience of having delicious vegan food prepared for you all week to assist you on your journey.

Is there a calorie count and nutrition information for the food?
We do not track nutrition information on any of our food. Karyn’s approach to better health is not about counting calories or grams of protein but instead fueling your body according to your individual needs. She believes that once you eliminate processed foods and animal products from your diet, your body will intuitively crave the right balance of nutrients, protein and calories for your lifestyle. To learn more about Karyn’s health philosophy, we recommend that you attend one of the free information seminar that we offer twice a month.

Can I freeze the food?
Yes, you can put the food in your freezer and defrost when you are ready to eat it.

What are enzymes?
Enzymes are the “spark of life.” The human body is made up of millions of enzymes that are responsible for every metabolic purpose. Digestive enzymes work specifically in the stomach and intestines to help the body digest food, absorb nutrients, relieve gastro-intestinal disorders and assist in weight loss. Systemic enzymes strengthen the body as a whole by passing through the digestive system and targeting tissue and organs to stimulate the immune system. Their benefits throughout the body are numerous and essential to living a vibrant and disease free life. Karyn’s brand are plant based, vegan enzymes.