OBSESSED with Karyn’s Spa!

I just went there recently post-fire and it looks beautiful!

I took Karyn’s January detox class and she ended giving all of us a free oxygen hyperbaric chamber and infrared sauna session with 20% off any other service. They don’t have the oxygen chamber in yet so I can do that next time when they get it.  I did however try the infrared sauna and LOVED it! Went in for 35 minutes at 170 degrees and was dripping sweat within 3 minutes – get outta me toxins! Can’t wait to go back for colonics, ear coning, oxygen chamber and many more treatments I’m sure! Super relaxing, calm, quiet, zenned out atmosphere and a super friendly and helpful staff as well!

Aditi G, 2013

At the March/April detox class graduation I told my full health story about being sent to the ER a year ago three times in ten days and how through detoxing and following your words of encouragement to make myself my #1 I have improved my health greatly.

One thing that I didn’t mention that I might share at the May graduation is a very personal story. The November detox was particularly hard for me because I lost one of my best friends, Liza, in bike accident in October… I buried her on my birthday. She was such a unique and beautiful person inside and out. She was a passionate vegan, biker and do-gooder, the kind of person that would stop whatever she was doing to help anyone at any time. I’ve always had a hard time making female friends. Not that I was anti-social by any means, but I learned how to get along better with men because I felt like I didn’t have much in common with so many women my age However, Liza and I were so similar on so many levels. I even brought her to your raw cafe. Liza loved it and said that she would do the January detox with me. Too bad January never came for her. Losing her is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I know her spirit is with me and watching over my well being, but I can’t help but cry and miss her.

After this happened I fell into a secluded, social isolation. I didn’t answer phone calls or go out at all, besides work, which I hated going to because she and I had worked together and the environment pained me to be in without her. In December, I met a wonderful and caring man who went through the same experience I had two years earlier. With love he has patiently held my hand through the rough times and I am lucky to now call him my boyfriend.

The recent detox program helped me to refocus myself and make ME the #1 priority in my life… Not the emotional pain, the grief, the sadness, or the longing for companionship. At the graduation I got into a conversation with two of the women in my class. The three of us had so much in common that we decided to set a dinner date for later that week. I don’t know if you remember seeing us at the Green Street restaurant this past weekend, but that was us. That is the first time since Liza died that went out with women my age! That is such a large miracle in my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself that night, getting to know these girls and their friends, without the help of my boyfriend or anyone else. It was just me. Solo. Numero uno! Socially, I was on fire! I told stories, cracked jokes, and even (harmlessly) flirted with the men at the table. I felt alive again. The thing about the “wall of fire” is that when you’re walking through it, the flames engulf you and burn your skin until you can almost not feel the pain any more, and then BAM! You’re unexpectedly splashed with water that water feels so good, refreshing and invigorating. Sure, I will always have the scars from the fire of losing Liza. I would never want to forget her, hence the bicycle tattoo on my right arm, but surviving through that grief and coming out still fighting, better yet thriving, is nothing short of a miracle. Making myself number one didn’t make me forget her or make her last on my list. It made me more capable of dealing with the loss in a positive way and then moving on with my life.

Thank you for teaching me not only how to love myself again, but how to be more in tuned with life. I was a hot and heavy mess after losing Liza, using drinks and smokes to numb the pain. Little did I realize though that all the drinks and smokes in the world would never make her come back or make the pain go away. If anything, these substances prolonged the pain of mourning. Life will have its moments when it will kick you around, but if you take care of yourself, mentally things will process much quicker. Thank you for this gift!


I haven’t had the chance to thank you both yet for working with me through my 30 day detox so I wanted to write you this morning.

It was such an amazing experience and I am so happy you encouraged the decision for me to do it with Pamela from People for extra support she needed.  I just wanted to tell you a bit about my changes because I know it is always nice to hear what kind of results each person gets as a result of the detox.

The first week I definitely experienced those ‘side effects’ but they subsided at the start of the 2nd week.

My skin got so clear and I was sleeping throughout the night which I haven’t done in awhile.

I had so much energy and definitely lost weight (about 7lbs).

I didn’t do the colonics but ate raw for the 4 weeks and didn’t cheat once.  I felt so great and although at first it was a bit challenging (to not eat pizza!) I quickly adapted to the lifestyle and didn’t even miss the meat, chicken, fish, or dairy.  It was so interesting to see how my body changed and how different I felt.

Now I am slowly incorporating those foods back into my diet if I want them but still am aware of the foods I am putting into my body.  Overall, this process was so amazing and I can definitely see myself doing it again.

Thanks so much for inspiring me-I have been passing on the word and am happy because I can now relate to the program even more which helps when speaking to editors, etc.


In my opinion, taking the detox class was a very incredible experience. I have learned to make new raw recipes besides salads. I had no headaches during the whole program with the exception of the first two days (healing crisis?) I have lost 10 lbs which I am very happy about. It wasn’t my goal to lose weight, although I would highly recommend this program to anyone in need of losing weight. It really works. One interesting experience- I cut my finger about 3 days before I started the program. What surprised me was the speed of the healing process (about 10 days!) The fasting was the most difficult part- I had no energy, was short of breath, felt very tired, and had palpitation, which was a very unpleasant feeling. I was probably the longest weekend I have ever had. My goal for the future is to try to eat at least 60% raw.

Yana Murikova

When I began this class with Karyn- I figured this would be relatively easy- Boy was I wrong! It was definitely a challenge- and I am very grateful that the Universe prodded me into staying in Karyn’s class. I have learned so much- I had already been thinking about incorporating more raw foods into my diet and Karyn’s place gave me the opportunity to sample and try new things. Soon after following her program my biochemistry seemed to change and I craved food that I wouldn’t have ever eaten before. As the program progressed, my mind got clearer, I had boundless energy- old wound, both mental and physical seemed to heal, and I learned to let go of things. I did have mild withdrawal symptoms, the worst being slight headaches. But my dreams became vivid and clear.

The program enabled me to give up 3 quite horrible additions- coffee, marijuana, and alcohol. For this alone it was worth it. (Drug and alcohol programs can be very expensive. The fast was wonderful! I fasted 4 days. I felt light, and the colors of nature were so bright, I dreamed every night, had lots of energy, and I slept the best I have done in a long time. I felt at peace during this time. I could sit and write until the year 2000. Instead I would recommend everyone to try it at least one time in his or her life. It will open a new universe to you, as it has for me.


Vera Radivojevich

My experience has been phenomenal. It is none like I can recall experiencing before. I truly have not felt this good in; I cannot remember how many years. As I confessed in the beginning of the class I became a raw-foodist a month before the class began. I therefore had already experienced some changes in my appetite as well as some weight loss. The first week of the program I began to feel even better as I began to add many things I never had. My second week must go down in history. I began doing my own enemas at home. At first I didn’t like doing this on a daily basis, until one evening I had something happen. Each time I did the enemas I would release amounts of fecal-matter; however, upon the end of the second week I received a major breakthrough. I released what I believe to be a blockage. Stuff began to come out of me so tremendously that I actually got nervous. I realized that this was my major breakthrough. The next day I did the same thing again. Unbelievable. I felt so good. I started out weighing 197 and now I weight 175 and I haven’t stopped losing. I am now a raw foodist and I love it. I have never felt or looked better in all of my life. For years I have been doing it all wrong. Last but certainly not least I have not needed to take my asthma medicine. I probably could go off my blood pressure and acid reflux medicine; however I am waiting to see what my body tells me to do, as Karyn would say.

Venise Hanes