The food is delicious for being raw and almost 100% vegan (with the exception of a very desserts having honey). I took my boyfriend who is a vegetarian to Karyn’s Bistro for brunch and dinner and on both occasions he enjoyed the food.

You will find yourself satisfied with every bite and walking away feeling completely satiated.

I really enjoy the spring rolls and hummus for appetizers! Karyn’s Famous House salad is delicious with the raw ‘cesar’ dressing. You can buy the ‘cesar’ salad dressing in the store and take it home to share it with your family and friends. The Coconut Pad Thai is tasy and the ‘salmon’ sushi rolls are my favorite. Try the fig crepes for dessert or the chocolate fondue for dessert or even better try their ice creams, you will not regret it. . You won’t believe it’s made from all natural raw ingredients, but it is and it’s so good.

If you haven’t tried a raw food restaurant and are curious, don’t hesitate and give Karyn’s a chance. You will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the ingredients and the food preparation that will leaving you wondering why this is not available around the world.

If you are short on time, pack a meal to go from the deli bar that is available throughout the day with almond pate, sometimes beets or turnip salad, with either kale salad, and so much more…and don’t forget to try the ‘cesar’ dressing on your salad.

Celia G, 2014

Amazing weekend buffet spread -the best way to try a diverse array of Karyn’s raw dishes including desserts, pastries, appetizers, soups, and meals.

All you can eat for $19.99 which is an amazing price, considering individual servings of dishes (e.g. deep dish pizza) retails for $10-$15 at the cafe next door.

I went with my boyfriend who had never tried raw food before and he loved the raw oatmeal and raw asparagus soup.
The portions of dessert (strawberry and vanilla soft serve ice cream) was very generous too.
I really liked that the restaurant was quiet on a Saturday late-morning -no screaming children or lines out the door.

Sera J, 2014

Both the store and the restaurant are just a bit expensive, but nicely done! Great variety and nice atmosphere. Thank you, Karyn!

Im A, 2014

I’ve been here twice, now. And each time was an excellent experience. The food is really really good. It’s a fun place to take a friend and enjoy a relaxed candlelit ambiance.

Raw food is not weird! If no one told you it had never been cooked, you’d think you were just eating delicious. Lots of menu choices.

I didn’t like the sliders very much, but it was fun to try everything.

Janis, 2014

This place is AMAZING!! My partner and I were visiting Chicago from Northern California, where we are used to the Gratitude Cafe being our only option of we are in the mood to eat raw. We had the Carrot Cashew soup special and were literally moaning out loud because it.was.just.that.good. Lol couldn’t help it. I had never tried rejuvelac before so was curious about their mojito version, my partner had the cacao smoothie which we fought over because it was so delicious. We also shared the small bruschetta starter, and the cashew ceviche appetiser. My main entree was fabulous too– fresh, paper thin, crunchy and flavourful ravioli outer that somehow magically had a cheese reminiscent filling with a slight basil hint of flavor. Mmm! I definitely felt that “raw food high” during our meal and we both were so excited to have found a healthy for our gut & high enzyme meal while travelling. We loved this place… Karyn was even there and gave us a personal tour of the adjacent wellness center! Thank you again (:

Alyssa P, 2014

Stopped in for a morning smoothie. I love how there’s no stress or doubt about anything I get from there. “Tuna” sandwich was amazing. It’s pricey but a good place to invest in your health at.

Danna O, 2014
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by Milana on Karyn's Raw
My favorite place !!!!

My favorite place in Chicago!!!! Can't wait to go again !! The weekend brunch is amazing !! All my non-vegans friends love it too !

by vegan 2015 on Karyn's Raw

Great food! It would be nice to see some meals without tamari and noma shoyu, especially for those who have allergies to these ingredients. Thanks

by vegan 2015 on Karyn's Raw

It's great to see finally a new website!!! The other one was not very friendly at all! Yes the food is pricey, but if you've ever bought raw organic nuts on its almost need to take out second mortgage just to be able to consistently always have them available. Food is good and it's nice to see new meals come out on a more frequent basis! In the past, it was almost always the same meals being sold. Just one mind boggling curious thought...why is there such a turn around with employees here. It's kind of nice to see the same employees working here everytime we visit. I guess it's all in running a business.