The Quick Cleanse by Karyn

The Quick Cleanse by Karyn   Let’s have a chat about stress, diet, lifestyle, the elements. No one is perfect and neither is our planet. We endure so much throughout the year Read More

The Healing Power of Ozone

HEALING OZONE Healthy cells need oxygen. Most infections occur because of the invasion of anaerobes that do not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.Deprivation of oxygen to the body, for Read More

Karyn’s Flax Seed & Flax Oil

Karyn’s Flax Seed & Flax Oil A Super Healing Food Flaxseed is an essential food that may be tiny in appearance but carries one of the biggest nutrient payloads on the planet. This Read More

Karyn’s Green Living Fiber

Your Digestive system has a sensitive ecology that, when unbalanced, can lead to many digestive health issues. Green Living Fiber helps to restore a healthy balance to your digestive tract Read More

Follow your Gut: Probiotics

What are Probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are an essential part of our body’s natural processes of digestion, assimilation, nutrient production, immunity and Read More

Love your Lymphs

Do you know where your lymph's are? Remember the mumps? Those tender, painful lumps in your neck, which they also called swollen glands, also occur if you get a cold or Read More

Why Colon Therapy

Why Colon Hydrotherapy? Valentina Plebaniak, a colon therapist, tells us that an increasing number of people in the health field recognize the importance of a healthy colon, if a person Read More

Organic Hemp- CBD Oil

Hemp, is used to refer to products made from the Cannabis plant, not including the drug marijuana. The fiber, oil, and seeds of the Cannabis plant can be used to make many hemp products Read More

Karyn’s Psyllium

Medical professionals studying the prevention of disease are voicing concern that Americans are not getting enough fiber in their diet each day.  It is well known in the health field that Read More

Karyn’s Detox Clay

The key ingredient in Karyn’s Detox Clay is Calcium Montmorillonite  which is also known as "living clay" because it principally consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes Read More

Rejuvelac Cocktail: Mint Julep

MINT JULEP (Servings: 2 glasses) INGREDIENTS: ¾ CUPS OF HONEY 6 CUPS OF REJUVELAC 4 CUPS OF MINT LEAVES ½ LIME WITH PEELING   Blend all ingredients in a Vita Mix Read More

The Benefits of Rejuvelac

  THE VALUE OF REJUVELAC AND OTHER FERMENTED FOODS IN THE DAILY DIET Helps cleanse the intestinal tract:Lactic acid destroys harmful intestinal bacteriaBabies being breastfed within the Read More