Love your Lymphs

Do you know where your lymph’s are?

Remember the mumps? Those tender, painful lumps in your neck, which they also called swollen glands, also occur if you get a cold or infection.

Lymph glands, or nodes, are found throughout the body.  We find cluster of them in the groin, along the spine, in the throat, under the armpit, etc.  These nodes are about the size of a small almond in their healthy state.  However, when they become overloaded with toxins, the swell to several times their size, hence the pain.

The Lymphatic System

Is one of the most important systems of the human body perhaps one of the most neglected.  It helps nourish the body by transporting various nutrients such as salts, minerals and protein to all parts of the body.  Lymphatic capillaries are distributed like a tree from tiny twigs to smaller branches which, then to larger branches, which eventually form a trunk.  These are about as twice as many lymph vessels in the body as there are blood vessels.  Most of the body receives nourishment directly from the lymphatic system, rather than from the body.  In fact, most of the cells of the body never come in direct contact with the blood, but receive their nutrients directly from the lymphatic fluids.

Although lymphatics resemble veins in their structure and arrangement, they are thinner walled and contain valves and lymph nodes at frequent intervals.  The valves are so close together that when distended they give the vessels a beaded appearance.

The indicate walls of the lymph capillaries permeable to all material.  They receive the colloids (large particles) which, because of their size, cannot reenter the blood capillaries, as well as electrolytes, water and other substances, and return them to the blood stream.  Only through the lymphatics can poisonous proteins be circulated through the blood and eventually be eliminated.

Unlike the blood, the lymphatic system has no pump.  It’s constructed so lymph flows slowly, and steadily forward following and uphill course through progressively larger vessels.

Lymph is a transparent, slightly yellowish liquid formed from tissue fluid.  The lymph nodes manufacture certain types of white blood cells.  Their valuable defense processes include:

  1. Filtering foreign particles from the lymph,
  2. Disposal of bacteria,
  3. Forming antibodies

Certain cells that line the channels of the lymph nodes prevent the spread of infection and disease.  As the lymph fluid passes through the nodes, these cleverly constructed cells remove and destroy the microorganism and the injurious particles contained within the fluid. The tender, swollen glands that occur when you have an infection are due to the node’s increased protection of disease-fighting cells.

How lymph fights infection

Lymph is very similar to ocean water.  Lymph baths every cell in the body.  Lymph supplies each cell with nutrient and helps protect against disease and infection.  There is a large system of lymph vessels with filters, which are called lymph nodes. White blood cells leave the blood stream and pass through walls of blood vessels.  The traveling white cells go to the site of infection; the white cells surround the bacteria.  Some of the white cells die and are secreted from the wound as pus.  Some white cells carrying bacteria return to the lymph vessels.  Lymph nodes continue the breakdown process until bacteria is rendered completely harmless.

Here at Karyn’s we offer a Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. It is a way to help your lymph system increase the moving of fluid out of the nodes and to stimulate & break up clogged lymph. The therapy is performed with specially constructed photon beam tubes that are placed on the body.


  • Stimulating and strengthening the immune system
  • Reducing and eliminating pain
  • Ozonating and oxygenating the entire body
  • Opening up and moving body fluids through all the channels (blood vessels, lymph, capillaries, “shortas”) for the transport of nutrition, energy and intelligence
  • Eliminating blockage and barrier issues by repolarization of cells and molecules: dissolving lumps, clots, mineral deposits, etc.
  • Devitalizing infection, and reversing disease process
  • Detoxifying the body by moving all the fluids (blood, lymph, etc.)
  • Re-establishing the cells’ normal frequency and energy state
  • Neutralizing negative “thought-forms” and stagnant energy patterns
  • Increasing energy levels and providing a sense of well-being, relaxation, and clarity
  • Recharging life-force energy and facilitating higher states of consciousness
  • For body workers and health practitioners who wish to enhance their existing therapy sessions
  • Great for all athletes who want to maintain consistent peak performance without interruption from muscle stress, strain and injury
  • Full veterinary application: dramatic, raid, reliable, life-saving results with animals and pets; a must for all animal lovers
  • As a universal tool for complete photobiotic nutrition, used ideally in conjunction with a full natural-health program
  • Treating any imbalance (non-symptom-specific) at any level of well-being for curative, prevention, and creative health


Optimize your results when  you combine this service with a Colonic. Read More

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  1. Sue says

    I understand that if you jump up and down on a rebounder or mini trampoline for 10 minutes every day, this will help maintain lymphatic health. The cells open and close as you jump, allowing them to drain and move lymphatic fluid, hence improving lymphatic health, not to mention the rest of your well- being.

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