The Benefits of Rejuvelac



Helps cleanse the intestinal tract:Lactic acid destroys harmful intestinal bacteriaBabies being breastfed within the first 48 hours of their life receive a sufficient amount of lactobacillus bifidus, a friendly bacteria culture in the intestine. However, introducing unnatural, cooked, and dead foods can destroy this culture.Developing a healthy strain of the friendly bacteria, such as lactobacillus, saccharmyses, and aspergillus oryzae (all of which are found in rejuvelac), strengthens resistance to foreign bacteria in the event of international travel.

Supplies nutritional elements such as protein, carbohydrates, dextrines, saccharin’s phosphates and vitamins.

Enzymes are the catalysts of life. Dr. Ann Wigmore believes “life begins with catalysts and continues only through them.” These enzymes break down food substance to simpler forms. Our bodies can only use the nutrients in this fully broken down state. Cooking can destroy these enzymes and bad food combinations will slow down or stop their action, causing incomplete digestion and purification in the colon. Eating live food packed with enzymes will ensure a strong enzymatic capacity for efficient digestion and youthful body.

Contains many enzymes, one of which is amylase, which breaks down glucose, starch, and glycogens and aspergillus, which is a common digestive aid.

The protein and starches contained in rejuvelac are predigested. They are broken down to their simplest form, amino acids and simple sugars. This makes the nutrients immediately available for assimilation, even for those with weak digestive systems.

Rejuvelac is instant energy. The “Gatorade” of the health conscious.

Contains the full complex of B-vitamins, which aids in the calming and rebuilding of nerves.

Helps with constipation problems.

Supplies valuable liquid to the body for flushing out of toxins and proper temperature balance.

There are countless recipes which rejuvelac can be used in. There are also several recipe books available.

Karyn’s How To Make Rejuvelac YouTube

Rejuvelac Cocktail: Mint Julep


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